I am a software engineer at Shmoop.com since May 2011.
They are a small startup company, I am one of the developers, and I also created a few Shmoop iPhone and Android apps.

  • JS Prototype / jQuery
  • Objective C
  • Java (Android)
  • jQuery Mobile

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Google Voice Reader - Android app

Google Voice Reader is an application that will run in the background of your phone, and will dictate (reads out loud) text messages (SMS) that are coming in to your Google Voice inbox!

Language Learning - Android app

During my free time, I create an Android app to teach myself spanish. The application uses text-to-speech to dictate a word in english, and then a word in spanish. This helps users to assimilate the word in both languages.

After its success (1500+ installs), I decided to create an app to learn French, and one to Learn english for French speakers.

Readbo.com: Shut down

I like to read as many news articles per day as possible. I always stay up to date with technology and, in order to do that, I need a good news aggregator. I used to use Google Reader, but it didn’t update enough for my liking so I decided to create Readbo. Readbo was a news aggregator that allows me to read RSS news, Facebook and Twitter without spending too much of my time. Sadly I had to shut it down, it became a resource hog and my server could not handle it anymore.

  • Code Igniter (first version was using Kohana)
  • jQuery
  • Facebook Connect and Twitter
  • Google API


KlarityFX - Monitor

Web application that allows clients of KlarityFX (a foreign exchange currency management firm) to see and manage the data about their exchanges.

  • Drupal
  • jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Highcharts

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iCheckBank - Android app

One of my banks, HSBC France, didn't have an iPhone or Android app in the market. I decided to create one myself.
I created an iPhone and Android app that allows any users to connect to their HSBC Bank account. The app worked well, it made a JSON request to my server, sending encrypted user credentials, and then the server connected to the HSBC server and fetched the bank account balance. This worked pretty much like Mint.com. I had about 5 purchases per day. One day I got a call from the IT director of HSBC France, and he said congratulations for making such a great app, but he wants it removed. Because HSBC was about to release their own app, and didn't want another app using their name on the market.

This app was also selected for our school community awards. But it didn't make it to the last round of selection.

InstaMPG - Android app

Commuting for about 2 hours per week, I was wasting a lot of money on gas. My car didn't have an MPG Indicator to tell me how many gallons I was using, so I created an Android app that gives approximately the miles per gallon consumed depending on the car model and speed (using GPS).



Invoice management web application.

  • Zend Framework
  • jQuery

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For 9 months I was an Intern at a company called Loze Technologies. I worked on Thinkweaver, a collaboration tool for companies that includes webmail, a calendar, to-do lists, contact lists, an administration panel, etc....

  • PHP 5, Zend Framework
  • EXTJs Library (Sencha)

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Mail Client - Software

For my first year school project, I created a mail client that works with any POP account. I had one of the best grades out of my class of 120 students.

  • C Language
  • GTK
  • Windows and Linux